On February 3rd and February 10th, Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, together with partner organizations, will be hosting a Virtual Town Hall to have a conversation about Covid-19, its variants, vaccinations ,and any other concerns the public may have.

Guest speakers include health experts from Alivio Medical Center, Chief of Staff from Chicago Public Schools Antonio Acevedo, 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-López, and Dr. Geraldine Luna, Medical Director with the Chicago Department of Public Health.

If you would like to participate as audience and learn more about how the vaccine will benefit our community, please fill out the registration form below.

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The Fuerza del Sol Justice Task Force is the youth and adults organizing table of Pilsen Neighbors Community Council and Gamaliel of Metro Chicago. Our mission is to increase and solidify community engagement and involvement in the city of Chicago with a focus on social justice, immigration, environmental issues, and expungements events.

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Fuerza del Sol and APL Task-Forces

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Thank you for pre-register for the January 29th, 2022 Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo. Please note your pre-registration does not confirm your attendance at the event.  You must qualify in order to be seen. We will send a reminder e-mail with more information about the status of your registration once the date of the event approaches. We recommend you join our Facebook at Pilsen Neighbors Community Council for updates on the next Driver’s License Reinstatement Expo.  If you have any questions, e-mail carla@pilsenneighbors.org.

Blanca Acevedo

Blanca Acevedo is the program coordinator for the TRIO Upward Bound program at Northeastern Illinois University. Ms. Acevedo holds a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education from the ENLACE  leadership program at NEIU. She currently works to develop 21st-century skills through the use of STEM/STEAM innovation to low-income and first-generation communities. She is a state, regional and national best practice presenter providing professional development on how to infuse maker education activities into the classroom. Ms. Acevedo serves as the co-chair for the University Roundtable of Gamaliel of Metro Chicago and the Legislation and Education co-chair for the Illinois TRIO professional Association. As a first-generation, DACA recipient and daughter of immigrants, she is committed to serving underrepresented populations in Chicago’s Southwest area, Cicero & Berwyn. 

Alex M. Garcia
Alex joined the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council (PNCC) in 2016 as a Chairperson for a Town Hall Meeting with the Illinois State Police to discuss their statewide enforcement of the Trust Act. While he came to the organization with little community organizing experience, he brought a wealth of finance, auditing, and accounting knowledge. Since then, he has overseen 5 restorative justice expos and led multiple leadership meetings.
After starting his professional career as an Accounting Supervisor for CNA Insurance, Alex transitioned into the public sector as the Manager of a public CPA firm, where he gained most of his experience and knowledge for over 12 years. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations for a non-profit organization on the West Side of Chicago. As the CFO & Director of Ops, Alex defines and implements the infrastructure and systems needed to support substantial growth for the organization.
Alex serves as a Board Member for PNCC, SAY of Chicago (a youth soccer league), Treasurer for his local parish, and Vice-President of the Local School Council for Galileo Scholastic Academy.
In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors with his 13-year-old child and Golden Retriever. He’s risk-averse by day, and a risk-taker by night.
We are happy to announce that the Drivers License Reinstatement Expo will be happening on February 20th, 2021. In order to attend the event, you must register AND qualify.
To register visit www.pilsenneigbors.org/dlrexpo. Once you register, you will receive a email within a couple weeks regarding whether or not you qualify to attend the event. There will be no walk-in appointments allowed.
  • The week of Los Reyes Magos January 6th, 2021 – Distribution of toys; mention and thank CHESSLIVE. Toy drive happened on 12/19/2020.
  • Donation from the fundraiser organized by CHESSLIVE for the fund of the Guadalupe A. Reyes scholarship of Fiesta del Sol. Fundraiser happened on 12/19/2020.
  • PNCC/GMC is part of a statewide effort with Gamaliel of Illinois on a campaign on the issue of access to broadband as a public utility across the State. The Connect Me campaign calls for broadband as a public utility that will positively impact our communities in e-learning, telemedicine and jobs; as well as connecting our communities to opportunities that will come with this tool and close the digital divide. There will be a statewide action led by the UCM affiliate on January 27th at 4PM.
  • On January 20th and 21st, GOI will be holding its 2021 Gamaliel of IL/IA Leadership Retreat where our parent leaders will receive an introduction to leadership training, as well as to the work of the State network.
  • On January 21st, PNCC/GMC will be part of a virtual press conference led by Civil Rights Of Immigrants of the Gamaliel Network; the purpose is to present an Ask that should be addressed within the first 100 days of the incoming administration.
  • The second and third weeks of February, the PNCC/GMC leaders will be attending the Entranamiento Nacional de Liderazgo of the Gamaliel Network. This training will be imparted in Spanish and is culturally sensitive to our Latino leaders. They can visit gamaliel.org for further information.
  • New Fiesta del Sol Leadership announcement.
  • Drivers License Reinstatement Expo Registration Announcement